I found I could say things with colors that I could not say in any other way, things for which I had no other words.

Georgia O’Keeffe

I felt my life with both my hands.

Emily Dickinson

Cristina Pacciani is an Italian artist who relates to both quotes.

Born in Florence, Italy, Cristina grew up with the legacy of centuries of art and beauty all around her and with the warm colors of Tuscany etched in her soul. She studied to become an interpreter and learned foreign languages (after many years, she is still  fluent in Italian, English, Dutch and Spanish and manages French and German). After travelling as a young adult, she settled in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. That is where Cristina decided to stop chasing words and to finally become what she was meant to be: an artist. Ever since she chooses colors over words to express what matters in life.

Cristina chose felt as her medium and color as the subject of her art. A heartfelt combination, a long lasting and passionate love story that started after beginning as a traditional painter. Her distinctive use of color is her artistic signature. Nowadays, she is a master of color and texture and believes that color can create energy and that there is a natural craving for color in every human being. Felt is a very versatile medium, which allows one to paint, working flat or three-dimensionally, and to create  different textures. Felt making is a layered process: it is the art of connecting fibers, tangling them together and transforming them into a very strong non woven textile, which is natural, breathes and insulates. Felt can be thin or thick, soft but strong it offers warmth and protection. It is more than the sum of many fibers.

Cristina’s work has been successfully exhibited worldwide, she is an international teacher, experienced in passing on knowledge and inspiring both adults and children.  She is happy to travel to teach her classes and share her one of a kind approach to art and is always ready to organize a customized workshop to fit your needs.

She is the founder of The Arlecchino Project, an ongoing international project to connect people and all the pending threads around the world. (Read more here).